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About Our Directors

Vikky Pitts-Mullin


Sharing the language and acceptance of the deaf has always been important to me.  I grew up with a deaf cousin signing for as long as I can remember.  I began studying ASL formally in the 4th grade and went on to receive my Interpreter for the Deaf degree from Ohlone College and later a teaching credential from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.  After teaching elementary school for several years I began teaching High School ASL.  While growing up drama has also been a passion so in 2004 I put on the “Singing Hands Day Camp” for 16 children who in 2 weeks learned over 20 songs in ASL, and performed using costumes, and dance to a packed auditorium. Parents and kids did not want to quit SO, Singing Hands Choir was born!! We are a group ages 5-18 that travel across the state performing full productions in American Sign Language. We perform locally for service organizations, community groups, and city events as well as for Deaf Awareness days in cities up and down the state. We are the main performers for Santa Cruz Deaf Festival every year.  Last year we did Wizard of Oz in ASL. We have done many sporting events such as the National Anthem at the SF Giants. We have done shows at the California Mid-State Fair, Performed with Lee Greenwood as he sang his popular song “God Bless the USA”, and most recently auditioned for America’s Got Talent. Sharing ASL with others, and educating others about deaf culture is a privilege and an honor. As many as 10 former Singing Hands students have gone on to pursue careers in dance, film making, or deaf studies. Several are working as interpreters today in LA and New York. While others are directing films, teaching dance, or working with special needs children.  God has truly blessed this choir and I look forward to watching as these youngsters, and the many new members, touch the lives of others as they continue to perform.

Sara Putman  &  Lisa Rokes

Assistant Directors


I am Sara the mom of 6 children, five are in Singing Hands Choir.  I am Deaf, and have two deaf sisters.  I did not learn to sign when I was young, instead I was encouraged to learn to talk and lip-read. Later, after elementary school, I was very behind so I was placed in a school with a Deaf program.  I learned how to sign and fell in love with ASL.  It opened a world of communication and a whole new culture filled with people that were just like me.  I enjoy seeing my children develop through performing arts and watch as they gain

confidence in front of crowds as well as build their ASL out side of the house. This group has encouraged their learning and ability to communicate with my language. My sister and I value our deaf culture and the deaf community so much that we started a tax preparation business, called P&R Tax, specializing in serving the Deaf community all over the nation.

Hi, I am Lisa.  I have known Vikky since my oldest was in kindergarten. Vikky has been a part of my life with her signing club at the local elementary school, as well as being a guest speaker in her High School ASL class.  I am a Deaf mother of 6 kids.  My oldest have graduated from Singing Hands but at the moment I have 2 of my children in the group.  I love the performing arts and have been involved myself growing up as a ballerina, tap dancer, and hip hop dancer. My kids have been in this amazing group for over 6 years and have had experiences of their lifetime that they will never forget. I love assisting this group with costumes, translating songs, teaching expression, and teaching about the deaf culture.  It is a group worth   joining, or booking for a special event.






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